Bari Blog

Bari Blog
Type of post: Chorus news item
Posted By: Debbie Dawn
Status: Current
Date Posted: Sat, 22 Sep 2018
And now.... it’s the turn of the Baritones (or Baris).  Baris really do complete the harmony in a barbershop chorus!  We fill in all the important missing notes to complete the chord.  We sing around the same range as the leads (the tune!), sometimes singing above the leads and sometimes below (we’re a versatile lot!). In Cleeve Harmony we have a lovely bunch of 5 Baris.  At the moment we are all working hard on perfecting our performances ready for the LABBS convention in October, which we are all competing in with the chorus.  It’s not all hard work though, here are some photos from a night out we had in the summer involving lots of cocktails and some lovely Caribbean food.